One Wedding

A Day


One Wedding A Day

This is a fundamental pillar at The Luxury Magician, and who better to explain the philosophy than Jack himself. 


Our Wedding Philosophy

When people start planning their wedding, they soon realise there are 2 types of suppliers. There are the ones trying to make a living.

These ones are usually pretty easy to spot. They’ll be the ones trying to squeeze you in around all their other weddings and always go on about how busy they are.

Then there are the ones that really care. These are the ones who actually spend time understanding what you want from your day and how they can add something special to your day.

This is the basis of where my ‘One Wedding A Day’ philosophy came from. I used to perform at multiple weddings in a day (as pretty much all other entertainers do) and that was fine.


One day, I was delayed leaving the first wedding due to a fainting mother of the bride! This then led to a knock-on effect for the other weddings, making me progressively later for the next ones.

This was a lightbulb moment for me.

I realised that I can’t truly commit to a wedding day and give it my all if I’m clock watching, or I’m thinking about the next wedding I’ve got to go to.

That is the last day I did multiple weddings in a day. I now focus my time on one wedding, giving it my all and making it as incredible as possible for that couple.

You have a delay serving food? No problem.

Got to change your shoes and hold up the speeches? Don’t worry about it.

I’m there to cover your day, help it run smoothly and give you and your guests an incredible experience.