Your Wedding Packages



Find out all you need to know about your wedding day and how I can take it to the next level. I offer 3 standard packages and my extremely exclusive Platinum Experience that really needs to be seen to be believed.

Check out the different offers below and let me know which package you wish to move ahead with by replying to the email this link was attached to or hitting the button at the bottom of this page!



  • 2 Hours of Multi-Award Winning Entertainment during your Wedding Day
  • Standard Bride and Groom Performance



  • 4 Hours of Multi-Award Winning Entertainment during your Wedding Day
  • Standard Bride and Groom Performance



  • Up to 7 Hours of Multi-Award Winning Entertainment during your Wedding Day
  • Premium Bride and Groom Performance
  • Bespoke Snapchat Filter for your big day
  • Unrestricted Use of Jack through-out the day



The Platinum Experience



You Will Remember Your Wedding Day Forever.

Make Sure Your Guests Do Too.


An extremely limited experience that only applies if you want to take your day to unforgettable levels.

Limited to just 20 performances a year, you receive everything included in the Diamond Package PLUS:

Master Of Ceremonies

Complete Master of Ceremonies duties including all the introductions and keeping everything running to time.


Stand-Up Show

20 minute show to be performed after the speeches and the breakfast, prior to the evening guests arriving.


Interactive Afternoon

Interactive games to be played after the Stand-Up Show and includes games such as 'Mr and Mrs' and 'Would I Lie To You'.


Evening Reception

A completely different 'Mix and Mingle Magic' set during the beginning of the Evening Reception to help intergrate the evening guests into the day guests.


Bespoke Bride and Groom Performance

A completely tailored routine just for the Bride and Groom that will leave them with some truly unique and memorable keepsakes.


Bespoke Effects

Effects for your wedding day that will not been seen at any other wedding.


Extra Surprises

I cannot reveal all my secrets now can I?! Let's just say I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve that will leave you, and your guests, remember your day for the rest of your lives.


PA System for Speeches

Full, discrete PA system can be installed into the venue for your wedding speeches if the venue doesn't provide a PA system.



1-2-1 Speech Coaching

In a Skype call/face-to-face meeting we will talk through your speech, see how it can be improved and to talk through any concerns or issues you may have regarding speaking on the big day.



If you were to purchase each of these items individually you would be looking at spending at least £4,750. Add onto that the complimentary bonus and price of the Diamond Package, The Platinum Experience's RRP is well in excess of £6,000!

However, in limited quantities, I want to offer the entire Platinum Experience to you for just £2,500!

That's right, over 50% off these products if you purchase The Platinum Experience. 

I can only afford to offer 20 Platinum Experiences a year. Because of that you can be sure that you will be one of the chosen few who are able to witness The Platinum Experience at their own wedding! What have you got to lose?

It is strictly first come first served. Unfortunately, I cannot reserve spots to anyone.

No Matter which package you choose, if you confirm in the next 7 days I will throw in my Microphone and Speech Tips Training 100% free!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 20.46.00.png

Microphone and Speech Tips

As a professional performer I've picked up a few tips over the years about how to give an effective speech. I've also seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to wedding speeches, let's put yours in the outstanding category.

Normally - £250