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Limited to just 15 commissions a year, including The Luxury Magician in your wedding day is sure to delight and enlighten your guests in a way they have never seen before. 


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Wedding magician Jack Brister delivers unique entertainment that brings the best to any occasion, from private parties to weddings.

Performed incredibly closely, and creating mystifying illusions using everyday objects, such as cards, rings or coins, Jack seamlessly creates extraordinary moments for your memorable event. Inviting your guests on a quest for the spectacular, he draws on an extensive repertoire to deliver unforgettable experiences.

Magic brings people together by forging a profound connection through shared experience. Jack’s magic defies expectations and reveals new realms of possibility, questioning the impossible and inspiring wonderment.

Wedding entertainment during the Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Entertainment – The luxury Magician

Add a touch of magic to your special day with the enchanting touch of Jack Brister.

Magic brings people together by forging a profound connection through shared experience. Wholly unique as a form of entertainment and naturally emotional, magic sparks a sense of wonder and delight that binds people together. Therefore, hiring a magician such as Jack Brister provides an original opportunity to create one-of-a-kind experiences and unforgettable moments of astonishment and awe for all guests.

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